Nepal Bhasa journalism

Dharmacharya (1902-1963) was the first Nepal Bhasa journalist. He was the editor and he also wrote many of the articles in Buddha Dharma wo Nepal Bhasa. It was published from India instead of Nepal as the Rana dynasty disapproved of any attempt to promote either the religion or the language.

Originally named Buddha Dharma, the magazine's editorial policy later expanded from publicizing Theravada Buddhism to developing Nepal Bhasa. In 1927, its name was changed to Buddha Dharma wo Nepal Bhasa (Buddha Dharma and Nepal Bhasa), and it began including creative works in Nepal Bhasa too. The magazine folded in 1930. Dharmacharya was born Jagat Man Vaidya in Lalitpur.

Dharmodaya was a monthly magazine which launched in October 1947 in Kalimpong. It was published by Maniharsha Jyoti for Dharmodaya Sabha, an organization formed by Buddhist monks who had been expelled from Nepal in 1944 for promoting Theravada Buddhism. The first editors were monks Aniruddha and Mahanam Kobid. Dharmodaya had a major effect on standardizing the language. From 1949 to 1960, it was published from Kolkata. In 1977, the magazine was again published from Kalimpong with Bhaichand Pradhan as editor and Tara Upasak as publisher on behalf of Kalimpong Dharmodaya Sabha.

In 1951, Thaunkanhe (Nepal Bhasa: थौंकन्हे) (meaning "Nowadays"), the first Nepal Bhasa magazine to be published in Nepal, was launched. The monthly began publication on 21 May 1951 in Kathmandu and is still in print. The founding editor, deputy editor and publisher were Purna Kaji Tamrakar, Pushpa Ratna Sagar and Ratna Man Singh Tuladhar respectively.

In 1952, a literary quarterly Nepal appeared, published by Nepal Bhasa Parisad (Nepal Bhasa Council). The first editor was Hridaya Chandra Singh Pradhan. It is one of the major publications that emerged during the post-democracy period.

Another early literary magazine was Jhee (Devanagari: झी) (meaning "We") which ran from 1958 to 1985. It was edited by Mohan Narayan and published by Nepal Bhasa Bikas Mandal (Nepal Bhasa Development Organization) from Kathmandu.

Situ (Devanagari: सितु) (meaning "Holy Grass") was a bimonthly published from 1964-1991. It was a purely literary magazine. It was edited by Prem Bahadur Kansakar and published by Chwasa Pasa. Situ helped to launch a host of new writers.

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